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Honey Locust High Line Project


This project was an awesome opportunity for hard work, a good-sized Honey Locust Tree in a tight spot. Once I saw there was no crane access due to the forested boulevard this seemed like a great candidate for a High Line Project. I had built one English Reeve setup previously to this with a DMM rigging hub at the heart and learned first-hand about how much goes into moving material along ropes like this. I was fortunate enough to use a DMM Offya for this larger project and the added engineering that went into this device to reduce slop in the system and add efficiency was noticeable. Building the anchors in the tree took one and a half hours on site with a lot of previous time beforehand thinking about ropes. The whole project took two days for the brush and another day to remove wood with a traditional rigging setup. With more exposure to the process we could have shaved half a day off the whole project. There was a lot to learn in taking our time with the Tree.

While the project was a success, there are a few things I would have done differently. I would have used a smaller diameter line for the belly rope. This would have made it possible to put some weight on the belly and be able to pull it back to the climber without it getting sucked up to the Offya. The way we had it set up here we had to have a ground person walk the block back to the climber when they were lower in the tree due to the rope weight. I also would have had two GRCS’s running. One for the high line and one for the belly rope. This would have provided more opportunities to keep maximum tension in the upper rope and have a smoother changeover when we had to switch anchor points. Overall the project went smoothly and safely with great teamwork.



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